Proven De-escalation & Mental Health Training for Police & Security

Save lives and reduce violence between police and the public with our advanced interactive training.

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Mobile mental health training
  • Improve the quality of interactions between police officers and those who have, or may have, mental health concerns.
  • Scenario based training with learner interaction through decision points
  • Immersive and interactive eLearning with embedded first person video
  • Understand strategies to utilize in regards to follow up, and prevention of reoccurrence

Measured Benefits
of Our De-escalation & Mental Health Training


23% increase

in self-reported police officer confidence

41% increase

in police officer Mental Health Awareness

19% increase

in efficiency on mental health calls

41% decrease

in use of physical force in all police calls


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Demonstrate empathy

Recognizing emotions others are feeling, and responding appropriately.

Demonstrate de-escalation

Focus on strategies that deal with defusing the situation.


Demonstrate strategies

Utilization in regards to follow up, and prevention of reoccurrence.

Demonstrate communication

Positive communication techniques that emphasize active communication.