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Science Behind the Research

 Stastistics About
Mental Health Awareness Training


 23% increase

In self-reported police officer confidence when dealing with mental health calls 6 months after training, with a continued increase to 32%.

 41% increase

In police officer Mental Health Awareness shown through an increase in number of mental health calls

 41% decrease

Overall in use of physical force and 26% decrease in use of weapon force in all police calls.

 10% increase

In sergeants ratings of officers on Verbal Communication, De-escalation and Empathy measures before and after training

 19% increase

In efficiency shown through a decrease in time needed to find solutions to mental health calls

 5.2% decrease

In use of force in mental health calls specifically
Silverstone, Krameddine et al. 2013, Krameddine and Silverstone 2014, Krameddine and Silverstone 2015

 Downloadable Research Papers


How to improve interactions between police and the mentally ill

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Developing, Implementing and Evaluation a Mental Health Training Program for Police Officers.

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Commentary: Police Officers and Persons with Mental Illness.

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Preventing violent encounters: De-escalation training for police.

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A novel approach to training police officers how to best interact with individuals who may have a psychiatric disorder.

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A novel training program for Police Officers that improves interactions with mentally ill individuals and is cost-effective.

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